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Big thank you to Mark for his Butler services on 6/19/18.  My daughter’s connecting flight was cancelled stranding her at one of the busiest airports in America on a day that the airline cancelled all flights leaving to go to the east coast. it was madness and Mark helped us book another flight and when that got canceled he booked us a ride with a black car sedan service that took my daughter on a two hours ride, to get to her friend’s house so they could drive to their destination.  This all had to be done within the time frame of 6 hours.  Mark got it done.  Mark eased our frustration and my daughter got to her destination, it was a big mess that Mark smoothly helped us transition through.  He’s so patient and understanding and well versed in the travel industry to help us maneuver through the red tape.  I would recommend him to all seeking these types of services.  

Thanks again Mark~

Faye Tash
Leah Purvis